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Phoebe Lauren

Phoebe is an author, lecturer, and a workshop leader, specializing in personal development through universal values.  She is an interfaith minister and a certified Spiritual Counselor by the New Seminary in New York. 


Formerly an attorney, specializing in family rights, and a professor of English and drama, she has written more than twenty books, some of which have been translated into several languages.


Phoebe has been the directress of a Center for Attitudinal Healing in Canada and has worked with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky as the executive director of the Center for Attitudinal Healing in California, which he founded. Phoebe served as a channel for the Enelph Method, along with Sylvain du Boullay, in 1996.  Hundreds of people have now been trained in this method.


She is American by birth, born into a European family,  who has lived in Canada, the Netherlands and is currently living in France.  She is fluent in English and French and can speak some Italian.

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