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I am Sarah : a True Story of Reincarnation

A true story about Phoebe’s past life as a Jewish girl named Sarah who lived during the holocaust in France. When the author moves to the old Jewish part of Paris, little by little the mystery unfolds until she finally understands what had been driving her towards her destiny.
This book shows you how to identify your past lives and how to eliminate their enormous influence over you. Phoebe shares some startling insights into reincarnation gleaned from her own experiences.
If you want evidence that you will exist forever, this book is a must read!


From Sad to Glad : Helping your dog survive a loss

Animals grieve losses just like we do.  Most people don’t realize this.  In this book, you will discover how dogs grieve and how you can help them survive a loss.

When a pet dies, we may spend a lot of time feeling sad and even lonely; but we rarely consider the other animals in the household.
This book will make you aware of what kinds of situations cause dogs to grieve, as well as what you can do to help your pet.


A magical Christmas visit  

Due to a tragic turn of events Claire finds herself alone, returning once again to her family’s former mountain home where they had celebrated many Christmases together.  A surprise visit fulfills a promise made long ago, and Claire experiences a dream come true.

This touching and marvelous story will surely bring you to tears as Claire recalls a certain fateful day.
Yet, the ending fills our hearts with abundant hope and joy, affirming that long awaited wishes can come true.


Original guide for practitioners of the Enelph method (with Sylvain du Boullay)

This original guide is intended for anyone trained in the Enelph Method.
It aims to clearly lay the foundations of the Method as it has come down to us originally until today, as well as the description of each treatment offered.
Its form and the sequence of the different chapters are not due to chance but come from a clear guidance received by the author.
Beyond its form and structure, it conveys a deep notion of love, respect for each other and service.
Update 2018.




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