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My books

My best sellers

  • Planetary Consciousness (latest release)

  • Beyond A Course in Miracles

  • Star Child


Personal development

  • The Golden Door:  A Guide to Practical Spirituality

  • The Dance Of Love:  Creation With Your Beloved One 

  • Messages from the Voice: Volume I, II, and III

Image de Slava

Books in English

  • Hope in Times of Challenge:  Overcoming the Pandemic of Fear (latest release)

  • Becoming Real

  • Heavenly Contacts:  How to communicate with loved ones on the "other side"

  • How to Raise a Star Child

  • Celestine's Recipe:  A Half-Baked Adventure

  • Insane Happiness

  • The Miracle Diet:  Stop Fooding Around

  • Mamma said

  • Space Between the Colors:  How to Live When Your Child Dies

  • Feeling Safe Again

Image de Jaredd Craig

Books based on a Course in Miracles

  • The Magic of Miracles 

  • A Course in Miracles:  A Prayer Collection 



  •  I Am Sarah

  • A Magical Christmas Visit

  • From Sad to Glad:  Helping Your Dog Survive a Loss

  • Original Guide for Practitioners of the Enelph Method

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