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Mes services

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My services

Workshops and lectures

Themes are often based on topics covered in Phoebe's books with an emphasis on positive thinking and personal development. Other workshops may focus on the following themes: intuitive therapeutic art; practical spirituality based on the book A Course in Miracles; contact with the invisible world; healing of the soul through channeled messages with the Voice, which conveys messages of love and advice. Phoebe can also create an event tailor-made for your needs.

Private individual


Phoebe provides valuable assistance to people in individual sessions where she works intuitively through images and colors, guidance and messages from the Voice, which she has channeled for more than thirty years.

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Sacred ceremonies
(based on interfaith concepts)

Special celebrations,  such as blessing ceremonies for babies, homes, and relationships; unique marriages and renewal of vows; loving memorial services.  All ceremonies are unique, created individually with love.

Services offered in person, by telephone, Skype  or Facetime (in English and French).

Intuitive Art Therapy

The Intuitive Art therapy can help us come into contact with our inner consciousness, our Self. By indulging in painting and drawing, without involving the mind, we have access to our feelings and our unconscious thoughts. It can be used to gain more clarity in our decision-making and to understand the origin of our blockages.


It is often surprising that clarity can be brought to many situations through this method: transitions in life, connecting with one's own identity or even in solving a problem. You can practice intuitive art by yourself or help a person go deeper into themselves.


Requirements: an open heart and mind, without prejudices, without expectations. No artistic know-how is necessary to participate.

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