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Beyond A Course in Miracles

How can we have confidence in this world of chaos?
What scares us the most and how can we get past it?
How does a little goodwill change our life forever?
This book, beyond words, will help to highlight the simplicity and depth of the answers to the thousand and one questions of this kind. And these answers will touch you, because you will discover that they are already in you.

Inspired by the presence of Jesus, this book is offered to help you understand the basic concepts of "A Course In Miracles".
It offers you the possibility of a new perspective on this "journey without distance" towards your home that you have never left.
In the form of questions and answers, it gives you the practical keys to fully experience the lessons of the Course.
Its authors were inspired to create this work during a amazing set of circumstances which they share with the reader.
Note that they both have followed the teachings of "A Course In Miracles" for over thirty-five years.

There are those of us who are gently persuaded by the Spirit to go beyond "A Course in Miracles."
The time has come for us to move beyond the compulsory course to express the truth in new ways.
Now real knowledge is understood. This is beyond words.
Yet words are still used.

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